published by Eric Lamb, May 2, 2013

There is no shortage of concerts happening in Vienna. Let's see, if I do a quick search online for tonight's events I could provide you with a list of about twenty performances by many of the worlds greatest musicians all happening here in Vienna to sold out audiences.

published by Anonymous, March 28, 2013

Es gibt so viele Möglichkeiten, Musik zu genießen: ganz direkt natürlich im Konzertsaal, technisch perfekt über die Hifi-Anlage. Aaber durchaus lustfreundlich genießt man „Insects, Bugs and other Species“ des ensemble clarinettissimo bei gemischten Sätzen.


published by Eric Lamb, March 18, 2013

One is never quite prepared for a teaching trip abroad, particularly when the trip involves two 18 hour travel days. This trip, my frist to Auckland was no different.


published by Anonymous, February 25, 2013

Wo die Liebe hinfällt ... Im Hause Bach muss sie wohl grenzenlos gewesen sein, denn acht Kinder mögen durchaus davon zeugen, dass der großartige Johann Sebastian Bach nicht nur die Musik im Kopf hatte.


published by Martin Rummel, February 18, 2013

It is no wonder that the ever so perfect Germans get the world's respect for so many things they do, but hardly ever its love. Three recent incidents on planes of their national airline prove why.